MED 130 Portfolio

The following is for a final project I completed in my Media 130 class at Missouri State University.

Throughout the time I’ve invested in this class, I have become comfortable with a variety of media tools that I look forward to using during the rest of my college education and in my career endeavors as well.

I am quite proud of some of the projects I’ve come up with. Below you will find three videos, three pictures, and three podcasts I worked on during my time in my Media 130 class at Missouri State University.


This video did not completely fit the assignment’s requirements, but I still think that I did an impressive job. Timing pictures to the beats of music is a somewhat frustrating and very tedious process.

I helped complete this video for a group project for which we visited the zoo.

I was pretty excited about making our “viral” video. It could have been done a lot better, and of course this idea has been used before, but I pretty happy with the finished product.


I added the font to this picture that I included in the same Dickerson Park Zoo group project. Obviously, it’s not a giraffe. I was referring to a SpongeBob quote. I still don’t know if anyone picked up on it.


I made this picture myself with the same app, Phonto, that I used to make the elephant pic. I really just like the saying I put into it at the top. It is usually referenced with Romans 5:8.


I’m not going to lie—I look really good in this picture. And I looked even better after I enhanced my complexion, enlarged my eyes, and added extra color to my lips using a simple makeup app that you can get for free in the App Store on iTunes. Let’s try to keep it a secret though. 😉



This is a podcast where I talked about the other Sydni Moore’s I found on the Internet through Google. The results were interesting.

This is a podcast where I interviewed my roommate and best friend of 8 years, Olivia, in an attempt to find out something I’ve never known about her. At times we got a little off track. It was difficult.

This is podcast of a list of the 21 things I will do as a 21 year old.

And there you have it!



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